Author’s Statement

Why do I do what I do? I could list several reasons that all seem very important. I couldn’t name one thing as the most important, although my rambling mind might try to say so before quickly jumping to the next thing that is equally important. I create art for that feeling of freedom it gives you. You lose yourself in the moment, becoming part of something much bigger than yourself. Often, I forget I am the author and can just see the story and the characters happening like I am really there. That is my objective for when I am presenting any creative work. I want you to forget that I am there, because I certainly have. I am sometimes an observer, and other times I become an unseen character. As for what I look for in art and try to convey in my own? Whether it be through visual or mental pictures, the characters have to draw you in. Finding out what makes them tick is far more important than what surrounds them to me. You could say that I am much more for a nature rather than nurture standpoint. How does this person react to x stimulant? I don’t care where x is, I care about what the character thinks about being in x.