Why Stars Fall- the Myth

Light and Dark have been in love since before the beginning of the Universe. They danced across the sky forever chasing each other. They created all of life, but there was a very special one that changed everything forever. They had baby Moon but wanted another child that carried them both equally. After many years of wishing, Light gave life to Star. Dark rejoiced, but Moon got jealous of the new light source. Moon cried and cried, giving birth to Tides. He cried so much the whole of Earth flooded. Dark and Light begged him to stop, but he could not. Star was very empathetic. Feeling his pain, Star began to cry with him. Moon slowed his crying upon seeing Stars tears, eventually settling into a hiccup that made the moon and tides into their monthly course. Star cried tears of joy this time. Her tears made her twinkle in the sky. She danced across the sky like her parents, appearing to fly past as a flash of light in the darkness. For you see, Light and Dark could never be the same without the other and this was passed down to all the generations that would follow.