Kare 11 news

Five P.M. Report

(Five seconds of intro music)

(Camera One cue)

Cut to Sally and Robert




(Camera 3 cue)

At the word correspondent, three seconds to field reporter.

(Cue Kate)

(Tape cue)

At the word one, roll tape in three seconds.

(Joshua speaks)

(Camera 3 cue)

At ‘needed’ three seconds to field reporter.

(Cue Kate)

(Camera 2 cue)


(Sally) I’m Sally Sparrow.

(Robert) And I’m Robert Singer.

(Sally) Tonight’s top story… With college tuition rising many students are dropping out. Our Correspondent Kate Bauer has the story.

(Kate) Thanks, Sally. Behind me is Anoka-Ramsey Community College. This is just one of many colleges around the country. However, Anoka-Ramsey has something the others don’t. It has a 52 percent graduation and transfer rate. The national average is 36 percent. With such a high rate, what makes the other 48 percent drop out? I sat down with one recent drop out, Joshua Joseph.

(Joshua) I could go full time, which was hard to work full time too, or I could Work full time. I could continue to go to school and lose money now, or go to work and lose money later. I needed money now. It’s like getting stuck between a rock and a hard place.

(Kate) A hard place to be indeed. This is Kate Bauer reporting. Back to you, Robert.

(Robert) Thank you, Kate. In other news…


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